Rumor: iPhone 5S to get 13-megapixel camera



Following the report of the company’s plans for the new models Apple iPhone and iPad , after some time in the pages of iLounge published a new article with more information about the future of “Apple”  devices.

Like last time, the information was obtained from a “reliable source”, who shared the code names and other features of the upcoming devices Apple. The previous report stated that the iPad 5 will debut in October and he will undergo significant external changes, including changing its size.

Those familiar with Apple rumors cycle, know that we are now in the phase 3 (wild predictions). Stage 1 (innocent talk) and phase 2 (the first 3D-models) come through unscathed. As a rather implausible‘iPhone Math’ with 4.8-inch screen that is schedule to be relraed in June on the market.This time, iLounge came up with a series of rumors, which they include an iPhone 5S with improved 13-megapixelThey were for example the first who reported that the iPhone 5 would get a tall housing. The website has many contacts with accessory makers and suppliers in Asia.

Jeremy Horowitz of iLounge has the following Apple products list for 2013 compiled based on information from various sources:

  • iPhone 5S (N51), which in July on the market and possibly has a 13-megapixel camera.Earlier it was already discussed a 12-megapixel camera.
  • Cheaper iPhone for China, with plastic housing. This has been discussed several times but it would now be a device with China Mobile is developed and perhaps never in the Western countries will be available.
  • A larger iPhone, which is under development but maybe not on the market.
  • iPad 5 (J72), available around October and with a thinner and lighter casing. The appearance would resemble an elongated  iPad Mini, but where the screen edges are almost completely gone.
  • iPad mini 2 (J85), available around October. Same appearance but perhaps with a retina display.

The iPhone 5S looks very approximately the same as the iPhone 5, but with a larger flash on the back. What concerns me in the cheaper iPhone,  Apple would focus on the 700 million customers of China Mobile. The sales of the iPhone 5 in China takes off again because of the high price. A budget-iPhone could help Apple in China on the chart. Apple gave during the recent discussion of quarterly figures show that China is now the most important country, after the U.S..The region around China will become an independent region are discussed in the quarterly figures. It would be the cheaper iPhone go to a device with plastic housing, which considerably cheaper than the $849 that the Chinese are the cheapest iPhone should count down. With an average annual salary of $3,000 per person is the iPhone 5 thereby just too pricey.

iLounge additionally discusses rumors concerning the iPhone Math. This might be a supply of a mistranslation iPhone + be. Smartly old-fashioned iLounge that the brand new edition is that within the early degrees of prototyping is. This unit could be a four.7-inch display, however that would nonetheless trade. Probably the application in the marketplace, if Apple decides that it’s not excellent sufficient. 

As for the iPad 5, now recognized with the aid of its version code-named J72, however there may be one tool that passes below the codename J85, which, in fact, is the prototype of the subsequent-era iPad Mini .

The file notes that the 2nd era iPad Mini can be on hand unless October of this 12 months, which is roughly the identical time as the following full dimension iPad. iLounge sources have little details about this software, however it’s concept possible that the brand new iPad Mini will preserve the identical type issue and can show Retina , which pretty much does now not raise the bodily measurement of the tool.

In conclusion, allow us to don’t forget that up to now seemed on the community knowledge in keeping with which Apple may announce their new iPad Mini and iPhone this spring, however in line with the iLounge document, this isn’t one thing that specifically depend.

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