iphone6sblackIt seems that rumors about the iPhone 7 will not stop until its officially presented. The latest news comes from the Mac Otakara, stating that the next Apple smartphone will be launched in a darker color than the space gray. Recall that Apple launched the iPhone in black until he had problems in the iPhone 5, the first device with a complete aluminum housing bezels which looked like they gave off the color.

Many users, including myself included, watched with disappointment as the completely uniform black color and iPhone 4S devices gave way to the black front and rear with different shades of gray. That disappointment was even greater when we value the possibility that Apple were to completely eliminate the spatial gray to give way to blue (Deep blue to be exact), but few took for granted that this would be a reality to present next September .

According to Mac Otakara sources  , iPhone Deep blue would be released in September and it is likely that those who saw the next iPhone mistook the darkest space gray with a blue shade. If this is so, I do not know if this information clarifies some of the above information or provokes us more questions.

Apparently, Apple will continue to pursue the same colors that have been using until now, space darker gray, gold, silver and pink gold came in the iPhone 6s and has also come to other devices company directed by Tim Cook. If, like me, you gave black over the white iPhone not use a gray device, you return to space gray if darker?

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