Rumor: iPhone 7 to be waterproof, hide the antenna bands


iphone-7-release-date-rumors-intelAccording to the latest rumor from Catcher Technologies ,the company that will provide a good part of the components to the chassis for the iPhone 7, all made of waterproof and able to hide the device antennas.

According to the latest news, the Catcher Technologies will provide to Apple about 35% of the frames that the company will use the iPhone 7. The new chassis, according to this rumor, will be built with waterproof materials and “compounds” that can hide the antennas that are currently visible on the Apple smartphone.

In practice, the iPhone 7 might actually be the first smartphone “officially” waterproof, besides having a design that (finally!) Hides the antennas now widely visible on the back of the various iPhone.

The same source also states that requests for the production of the iPhone 6s / 6s Plus fell by 10-15% in recent weeks, due to declining demand. This rumor is not confirmed by any evidence, however, because at Christmas time the iPhone was by far the most purchased device technology ever.(Source DigiTimes)

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