While iPhone 6s has been officially available for 3 days, new rumors about the iPhone 7 is already surfacing. According to a Chinese source Weibo (viaMacotakara) [Google Translate], Apple is currently testing prototypes of iPhone 7 with a different design and able to withstand water and falls. Moreover, Apple has already ‘informally’ with its iPhone 6s of a new process to protect water: iPhone 6s: immersing an hour, and no concern to the exit!

With the iPhone 7, the California firm could announce an IPX7 certification next year. For this, it owns several patents describing various methods to protect its devices. It may well make its less sensitive components with a hydrophobic coating or protect the motherboard in another way – as the holes with plugs.

Another point is  as Apple has accustomed us there, design changes every two, so this will be the iPhone 7 will mark the conclusive change unlike the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. These have exactly the same line that the iPhone the last year – only the alloy chassis has changed for aluminum 7000 (stronger) and internal components providing better performance. He said that Apple would opt for another material next year but the information remain slim at the moment.

The frame could be longer end and slightly curved screen to provide better comfort. By next year, there will still be many rumors about this, and we will in due course there. For now, take these rumors with first setback.

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