The rumors surrounding the iPhone appears to segment 5 "wild hypothesis" to return. Rumors Web site best china claims that for the reason that iPhone isn’t a 5 however two SIM card slots will contain specified through two lines to make calls. 


Now it is more common in Asian equipment that is chosen dualsim, but that Apple will choose what seems implausible. 5 The iPhone may be provided with a Qualcomm Gobi chipset that allows you to connect to two phones, both GSM and CDMA.

Ideal may have misinterpreted the information and china is simply a chipset that can handle both network technologies. Yet China has not always wrong ideal. These parts seller correctly predicted the new look of the iPhone 3G and the fourth generation iPod nano. But they sometimes hit the mark, as with rumors that the iPhone Nano would be launched in 2008.

[via ideal china]

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