Rumor: Is Apple secretly confirmed that we will only see a new iPhone?


Nowadays, Apple&#one hundred sixty;Invitations for the media event set for October 4th. It is all about the upcoming iPhone. Nevertheless, the attached picture could contain initial information about the upcoming iPhone and let us know what we will Get see on October.


The above picture includes the Apple 1 Infinite Loop campus on the map app, there is also the event held.The relevant date is shown on the calendar app and the exact time is given by the Times app.These three notes are already known and, unfortunately, give us no further information.But as usual, Apple's hidden like small hints about the upcoming event.

The question is, what exactly does that mean the Phone app.Particularly striking is the Benachrichtungszeichen (the red one) on the phone app, which may possibly be an indication that we will look at the upcoming event and not just a new iPhone two different models.Another sign could be the song "Let's talk iPhone.", Because Apple uses only the singular form in the invitation of the iPhone and not the majority.Furthermore, one could interpret from the title, that Apple will unveil the new iPhone's exclusive Assistant.This function we had yesterday in an article described in detail.

Of course these are just guesses that Apple will most likely intentionally generate through the image, you lower the high expectations.Next Tuesday at 19 clock we will finally learn more about all the news and keep you up to date.Of course we will inform you promptly about everything during the event.


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