Rumor: iTunes 11 to get a complete Redesign with iCloud integration


Apple is engaged on an absolutely revamped model of iTunes. Over time, iTunes has develop into a media middle for tune, films, TV displays, books, purposes and extra. The consumer interface is the bottom remained the identical. In iTunes, this system eleven will then additionally a huge facelift.Suggested that as a minimum iDownloadBlog from a "reliable source".


Apple iTunes user would first of all 11 of the shovel to throw. This would be translated into an interface that is easier and more convenient. Icloud is also better in the program. icloud is Apple's new free cloud service this autumn together with IOS 5 available. Where the iTunes Store is currently a separate browser must iTunes download store 11 the integrating application really does like Spotify example, according to the website.


“A reliable source” According to iDownload blog, We’ll see a rewritten from the ground up iTunes 11.

“From what we’re hearing, the UI would be much more cleaner and “slick.” iCloud is also going to be more closely integrated with iTunes. Rather than the iTunes Store being essentially a web browser, the Store will actually be integrated into the entire app— much like Spotify is currently.

We’re also hearing that iCloud backups will be integrated into iTunes. This means if you back up your iDevice to iCloud, that same backup will be stored locally on your computer. Also, app data from iCloud will be synced closely with iTunes. For example, if you beat a level in Angry Birds, that level data will be synced to iCloud and then to your iTunes library.”

iCloud backups are also part of the iTunes software. From iOS 5 with icloud, it is possible to backup your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad not only locally but also online (icloud) store. iTunes 11 would then return to the same backup your Mac or PC download. Also, data apps, iTunes will reportedly be synchronized. If you level to get your favorite game, that information synchronized with icloud and then with your iTunes library.

Extensive integration with icloud sounds like a logical step for the iTunes software, which with the advent of the five major iOS software for the user will remain. Previously, Apple released major updates to iTunes at the annual iPod - and that music has always took place in September. This year, as the new iPhone and the final version of iOS 5 expected, as the public launch of icloud. A new version of iTunes sounds like a logical consequence.

Is striking that another rumor surfaced earlier. Apple, the big U.S. book retailer Barnes & Noble would take over. After the acquisition would be out 11 iTunes with support for e-books from within the application to read, so set an informant against BGR. The source of iDownloadBlog speaks nothing about the ability of books to read in iTunes 11.

Apple recently released iTunes 10.4 , inter alia, the adjustments for Mac OS X Lion. Developers are currently testing beta of iTunes 10.5 for compatibility with iOS 5-betas. If indeed Apple iTunes 11 works, it seems likely that we will see nothing of the time being.


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