Many are the rumors surrounding the approaching finish of Apple . 

However nowadays we occupy two crucial factors, such because the non-integration of chips NFC within the iPhone 5 , or a filter by which it follows that the terminal is not going to see gentle unless 2013 .


The Independent has reported that Apple will not include Near Field Communications (NFC) in its next mobile terminal, the supposed iPhone 5. At least that's what I had informed the company of Mountain View European operators.


This technology will allow us to pay through your mobile phone, just approaching the terminal to a surface that is intended for this action. Some terminals such as Google Nexus S, introduced today by Vodafone for distribution in Spain (exclusive of three months), and support this revolutionary method of payment. Well, it seems that Apple did not include this technology by the lack of standardization, and even might be possible that he might develop a variation for which payments are made through its ubiquitous iTunes Store. The latter is a hypothesis of analysts.

Release date delayed

On the other hand, has leaked an email which you can see that informs the sender that the mail has been sent from "Prototype iPhone Beta 5 (2013). And for that number that have jumped all alarms. As we all expected a possible launch of the new terminal in the event that Apple will in June. That is when we ask whether that information about the delay in launching the new terminal will be true, or whether what we enjoy in June will be an enhanced version of the current iPhone 4.

Must wait

We were then pending on how you resolve everything in June, and that the company surprises in store for the apple bite.Chances are that by June we will have more information about the movements that could give Apple.

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