Apple  have ordered 4.6 in Retina screens from one of his major manufacturers. This allows the Maeil Business Newspaper in an article that was quoted by Reuters . The rumor is different: in previous stories about a possible larger screen for the iPhone, there was no more than about a 4 inch screen.


Maeil Business Newspaper cites an anonymous source within the industry. Samsung and LG Electronics, two manufacturers who often displays for Apple to refuse to respond to the rumors.

Apple would be the source of the new iPhone sometime in the second quarter of 2012 to sell.This could be an indication that once the iPhone at WWDC Apple will reveal at the end of this quarter.

Rumors of a larger screen in the iPhone circulated last year, but were not invalidated when consumers were waiting for the iPhone 5 but Apple released the iPhone 4S  instead. It often went on a 4 inch screen, instead of the 4.6 inch screen that the recent rumor is talking about. A recent study by Strategy Analytics shows that many smartphone owners would like a 4 inch screen.


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