Ryan Petrich Updates Activator Beta With Two New Releases



Ryan Petrich, a major player on the scene of the jailbreak, has updated its Cydia tweak Activator with two new versions betas, which bring several new features and bug fixes. Activator 1.9.3 beta 2 has made it possible to solve bad behavior iOS 8, a problem for the action with the camera, add custom commands, problems with the VPN settings iOS 8, and the problem of Touch ID after a long sleep of the unit.

For beta 3, Ryan added an option to remove the access code when activating an application on the lock screen, better support CRA actions, solves the problem of custom events that show repeatedly reducing the download and installation, and support of the action in full screen camera from the lock screen.


You can test these new features from a jailbroken device, and installing Cydia on the following source: http://rpetri.ch/repo.

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