While the blocking of advertising on the desktop already has long been common, this was on mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad so far not possible. With Safari in iOS 9 , Apple has now, however the ability to block unwanted content.

The Safari Extensions to block content (via 9to5Mac) part of the operating system for the first time with iOS 9. This allows Apple the “fast and efficient blocking cookies, images, resources, pop-ups, and other content”.

Why Apple allows right now Ad Blocker on the App Store allow is an interesting question. 9to5Mac suspected that it, like many things in the recent history of Apple, have to do with Google could.

One of the main sources of revenue Google is selling advertising. If it were possible Apple to get many users to suppress this advertising using the new enhancements, this could mean an enormous financial loss for the competition from Mountain View.

But perhaps this is just a “nice side effect” of the actual plan. Maybe Apple just want to allow developers to better Content Filter to be able, for example, parents, educational institutions or companies that offer.

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