Apple would have much less last month touchscreen panels have purchased from manufacturer Wintek. This concludes Topeka Captical Markets analyst Brian White on low turnover within the company. Although the sale of hardware always decreases as the announcement of a new iPhone comes closer, White thinks that this time more plays: the next iPhone at Apple would opt for in-cell touch screens. The next iPhone may become a lot thinner.


Wintek made ​​in June, 33.6 percent less revenue than the previous month, which according to White the lowest turnover for the company since 2008. Topeka Capital began in 2005 with the track of sales figures. White thinks that Apple switched to in-cell screens and that Wintek is no longer part of the production. That while in April showed that Wintek also in-cell technology works.

With in-cell technology can be thinner screens, because the touch sensors in color filters are placed and not on top. This may mean that the next iPhone is thinner than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Another possibility is additional hardware: a thinner, more screen space in the iPhone offer bigger and better parts. The production would allow in-cell technology is also much lower.


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