Sales of Mac computers and devices on the operating system iOS exceeded total sales of computers based on Windows, said Friday the analyst firm Andreessen Horowitz.

In the fourth quarter of 2013, Apple surpassed Microsoft in the number of issued computing devices based on its own operating system , analysts say , to analyze the sales of competing corporations. The truth was that, if we consider only realized devices together , that is the beginning of Windows computers and all product manufacturing Apple – iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac.

Experts have not resulted in the absolute volume of devices sold , but noted that when the gadget on the mobile platform Windows Phone indicators Apple and Microsoft are approximately equal.

According to analysts Asymco, in 2004 computers on the Windows platform in the world has sold 182.5 million. This is 56 times greater than that realized Mac. At its peak in 2011 it sold 344 million Windows PC. Then gradually declining sales , which was due to market saturation and discontent users Windows, and in 2013 this figure amounted to 309 million pieces. A supply computers Mac – 16,4 million units. Thus , presently superior PC Mac almost 19 times .

But if the traditional computers to add production of tablets , smart phones , touch screen players and other gadgets , the Apple brand at the expense can be written 260 million devices. Sales of new “apple” devices continue to grow and , according to Andreessen Horowitz, products based on iOS and OS X came in ahead of the leaders and sales techniques on the software platform Windows.

According to the service NetMarketShare, in January 2014 the Windows operating system has been installed on 90.72 % of the computers in the world, while the share of Mac OS X was 7.68 %.

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