Salesforce gave Apple the brand name “App Store” in exchange for advice from Steve Jobs


Now Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO is the time to reminisce. As Marc Benioff, Salesforce CEO of the corporate.He tells how Steve Jobs gave him adviceon business software. Jobs in 2003 praised the business application from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff but advised to "think big". Salesforce should consider a larger ecosystem. They did and it resulted in a marketplace called App Exchange, which she also branded as "App Store" meepakten because it sounded so beautiful. 

They registered the domain name and laid down the brand.Many years later, Apple announced the App Store, while the audience Benioff Sat Benioff did not point to one against his former mentor Job lawsuit, he went to Job and said: "I give you the trademark and the URL, because you've helped me in 2003".

Benioff believes that Jobs has helped him more than anyone else. "If I get in trouble and my vision lose, I have the happiness that I can call and he gave me a few times the future has been delivered." The story shows that Steve Jobs himself in other businesses can move and back in 2003 understood that a Salesforce app platform was built at a time when Apple itself no more than a computer company with a music player was.


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