Samsung galaxy note 8 leak

Samsung galaxy note 8 leak

For weeks we have not stopped talking about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and all its details. We know some of its specifications, but also things about its design. In several occasions they have filtered renders of all type, that leave us with a terminal very similar to Galaxy S8. Although we all have in mind a supposed design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the thing could change, although today, thanks to dbrand we can know what the official design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will look like. Also a promotional tweet from  Samsung Exynos  published an image of what would seem to be a new mobile that would have a screen with quite scarce frames. The reaction of many users has been typical. It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 8! And the truth is that it could become so. Or maybe not.

But it is not the only news that we can tell you about the Galaxy Note 8, since the company itself, more specifically the CEO of Samsung, has filtered in an interview the arrival date of Galaxy Note 8 and also the supposed date of sale in The different countries.

In the last two weeks we have seen several concepts of the Galaxy Note 8, all being very similar to each other. Today, a new company joins these concepts, being one of the most important in the manufacture of accessories. The brand dbrand has already opened the sale of its products for the Galaxy Note 8, and as in all devices, we can see a 3D model with different skins put on sale.

In this model 3D can see the same thing in other leaks, so almost completely confirmed, this will be the design that has the device. At the front little changed from the Galaxy S8, and where more changes we see is in the rear, as it includes dual camera.

Samsung CEO confirmed in an interview that the presentation of Note 8 will be in August, although we have not heard confirmation on the 23rd, which is the most likely date. But the thing does not stay here, since we have also been able to hear that the sale of the main markets will take place in September. What we do not know is, if Spain enters the main markets, where we know the United States, United Kingdom and South Korea. From being our country chosen to arrive in the second wave, the sale date may be delayed until October, although at the moment we do not know the plans of Samsung.

(source: @SamsungExynos [Twitter])

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