For those wishing to purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S5, which in April will appear on the shelves of Russian stores , it would be useful to know an interesting fact . As you know, the flagship version available offers 16 GB of internal memory for storing data – that is , as stated in the specifications. In fact, a user for his own needs of them are available only 7.86 GB ( 49 %). For comparison, the 16 -gigabyte version of the iPhone 5c provides almost 80 % of this volume.

Even factory Galaxy S5 without SIM- card and contract without giving at least eight gigabytes. The company decided to reserve 8.56 GB for system usage and tear of this volume at least a small part will not work. Approximately 5.3 GB occupies itself with the Android shell TouchWiz, a few hundred megabytes brought to the application, and why you need to rest of the space , we can only guess . Probably , it is used to restore the image of the operating system and factory settings , or preinstalled applications localizations in many languages ​​.

Thus , Samsung sells its masthead unit under the label ” 16GB “, positioning it as a competitor to other iPhone 5s and 16 GB smartphones. In reality , the name Samsung Galaxy S5 8GB would be more appropriate.

Of course , you can always expand the internal flash storage cards microSD- format , but agree that not too pleasant to realize that claimed 16 GB are in fact almost half trimmed. Especially because not all applications will install this add-on storage . In addition, Android 4.4 has additional restrictions associated with SD- cards, which further aggravate the situation.

I must say that Samsung is not alone in her forgetfulness to the mentioning of actual available memory . On plates Surface RT 32 GB 16 GB available on Surface Pro 64 GB only 19 GB , and many smart phones from HTC and Motorola instead of 16 GB available to users , only 60 % of this value .

Earlier study of 16 -gigabyte versions of popular phones showed that Galaxy S4 offers less total free space for user files .

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