Samsung and Apple Seek to expand Infringement Claim in 2nd U.S. Patent Court case


Samsung and Apple both companies are continuing the patent case

battle in the court with a 2nd copyright infringement claim lawsuit

filed in the month august.

 This is another U.S. court case from the one billion USD judgment

that was awarded to Apple Company.

 Apple and Samsung both are trying to expand the range of their case against the latest launched products due to starting phase of this 2nd lawsuit.

Most recent, Samsung  wanted to enlarge the infringement claim list

to contain the Apple’s  iPad mini and new iPad 4, also  Apple  brought

an action to include many new Samsung product, including  new 

Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Tab 2 10.1, Tab 8.9 WiFi, 

Samsung S III Mini & Rugby Pro.

Samsung Company had earlier moved to include the Apple iPhone

5 to the U.S. lawsuit after its market release.

Through FOSS Patents, this newest Samsung & Apple lawsuit will not

even go to court docket trial unless the march 2014.

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