Samsung Electronics will this quarter the arena's greatest maker of smartphones, Nokia overtook sick.The meltdown of Nokia is anticipated to proceed past the following quarter when Apple, in flip, relegating him to 3rd situation from a podium that prevailed considering that 1996.


This information comes from a note by the research firm Nomura, known for recording companies on stock recommendation. If the forecast Nomura is proven, it would be a first since 1996, Nokia dominating the industry for this year.

"Nokia will make his crown on the smartphone market to Samsung and Apple," say analysts at Nomura. "Sign of the rise of Asia, HTC is expected to almost match Nokia in 2012."

But if Nokia had adventure lose its leading position in the smartphone, the mobile standard is also in danger. South Korea's Samsung knows indeed a major success both in Europe and North America, and Asia, a veritable paradise for Nokia for years, knows competition increasingly fierce local brands (ZTE, etc.. ). This not to mention Android, which overwrites Symbian now in the world.

The success of WP7, the key to the place of No. 1 World Nokia

Result, Nokia may simply lose its position as world No. 1 by 2012 in case of failure of its products on Windows Phone 7. The latest advance of Nokia is still very important, with 25% market share, against 16% for Samsung.

The descent into hell the Finnish manufacturer, however precursor at the launch of the 1996 Communicator, mainly due to its failure to address the offensive Apple and Google on the front of operating systems.

It has since increased the setbacks, as evidenced by the profit warning issued in early June.

More recently, the technology manager who moved away from the group because of disagreements on strategy.

Nokia will keep some time yet the leadership in manufacturing volumes of mobile phones, mainly because of its strong market presence in the most basic of handsets and a strong distribution network in emerging economies.


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