Samsung and GlobalFoundries received from Apple orders for A9 processors to be used in iPhone 6s, iPad Air 3 and iPad mini 4. The microchip production will be performed in compliance with the 14-nanometer process technology, and planned for 2015.

The first 14-nm processors will be released at Fab 8 GlobalFoundries company in Malta and in New York. Feelers chips will be made at the end of 2014, and mass production is scheduled for 2015.

According to DigiTimes,  a longtime Apple partner,  TSMC, is also trying to get the orders from the Apple  for the chips A9. However,  The Cupertino company does not preclude to use Intel processors manufacturer for the iPhone and iPad.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung and TSMC equally split an order on the A9 for 2015, and each will receive 30-40% of the total. Note that in the past, Samsung and GlobalFoundries jointly created Fab 8 in New York to the Korean vendor had a backup production site in case of peak demands.

As for the 14-nanometer Apple A9 processor, it will be appear in the generation of products manufacture in 2015. Presented this year iPhone 6, iPad Air 2 and 3 iPad mini will run on 20-nanometer A8 chips , which are available in capacities of TSMC.

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