Samsung at a press event in London unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S III.  The device is available on May 29 in  European countries., north america in June. The Samsung Galaxy S III according to Samsung is inspired by nature and is also a 'human' unit.It is reflected in wallpapers and sounds of nature on to nature reminiscent. 

The device features a 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen and an 8-megapixel camera. 
It is equipped with a burst shot feature, best photo and photo buddy. The device according to Samsung is inspired by nature (a drop of water) and is only 8.6 mm thin. The Galaxy S III weighs 133 grams. The Galaxy S III in 145 countries
will be launched at 296 mobile operators. 
The HSDPA version for Europe in May as the first turn. Then follows a summer 4G USA version.


The Galaxy S III has many intelligent features. So dim the screen until you look at it. The device makes use of the front camera to your face to detect. There are also voice commands. This allows you to " Hi Galaxy "and activate the device with" How's the weather in London? "weather retrieval. There are 8 languages ​​supported, including multiple versions English, Spanish and Korean, but not.

The slogan of the Samsung Galaxy S III is "Designed for Humans'. This is evidenced by various intelligent functions. With AllShare Cast you content with other Galaxy users exchange. Photos and other content are automatically streamed to other devices. Buddy Photo Share photos which means that your friends avoid automatically recognized. The app then sends the image directly to your friends via MMS or email. AllShare gets an SDK that allows external developers to get started. There are two colors: white Marble and Pebble blues, both inspired by nature. Even with the ring tone you hear a drop of water, which at present constituted before chuckling. The live wallpaper has a water ripple and the alarm goes off with a natural sound. To further emphasize the nature Samsung will sponsor the World Wildlife


The camera of the new Galaxy promises zero waiting time to take a picture. There is also a Burst Shot, in which you 20 pictures in rapid succession can make. The Best photo feature ensures that high speed multiple photographs are taken, which automatically selects the best is chosen.New features include Face Zoom: zoom in on faces by double tapping. Tag Group brings together people in a picture and know that they belong together (eg a family). With the camera on the front lets you get HD videos. With image stabilization does not matter if your hand shakes.

The 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen is quite large, but the bezel (bezel) is much narrower. This makes the unit not much bigger. The GPS function now supports the (Russian) GLONASS satellites.

Wireless Charging

Samsung will release a Wireless Charging Kit, which you can charge the phone without a cable.Other accessories: a flipchart, extra batterijkit wireless charger kit, car charger, adapter and HDMI Dongle AllCast Share. The S Pebble is a completely new product: an MP3 player, as "companion" serves at the Galaxy S III. 

DriveLink is a service to the car easy access to smartphone features. And Music Hub, a music service initially available in 7 countries and gives access to 17 million songs. Finally, there is S Health, an application for personal wellness apps, which, for example blood pressure and blood sugar can be measured.

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