Apple Continuity is one of the best features offered by the entire ecosystem of the company as it allows you to “unite” all your devices, in case you want to continue watching a movie on your cellphone you started on the computer, you can do it smoothly and easily as possible. Well, Samsung has also signed up to this amazing functionality with Flow, its own platform or ecosystem that allows developers to create a seamless transition between devices so that users can switch between them in the middle of a task or activity and continue right on the spot where you left off, whether for business or pleasure.

Thus, we can switch between almost any current device Koreans: smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs and even wearables, such as the Gear smartwatches online. The main objective is to connect all the products we use every day so that just one look and can work comfortably as the same tools used on any of them.

A platform based on three pillars


On the one hand we Transfer. This feature allows you to start a task on a Samsung device and continue it on another for example, start by editing a text document on your phone and then keep doing it on the computer or watch a video on the tablet and transfer it to the television. Best of all is that Trasfer be available as a sharing function over the menu, something like what we use when we want to send a file via Bluetooth.
Moreover, Defer gives us the possibility of postponing a task. Sometimes we can see some interesting online deal but do not have time to access it, so we put it off and we were finally forgotten. Well, with this function will not return us to happen because you can set when you want to re-open the link or perform the task and, most interestingly, what device.

Finally, the third pillar (not least) is Notify, a dedicated primarily to inform all of our notifications for each of the associated devices, ie system, your television can tell us that we have an incoming call when we’re away smartphone.

A complete and mostly very interesting ecosystem

The following promotional video you can see everything that Samsung Flow is capable of doing and of course, is really impressive. Interoperability between devices is very useful, especially when we have all kinds of products: smartphones, wearables, tablets …, and proof of it is this platform. For now, Flow supports a lot of Android apps, even the current private version allows developers to integrate this functionality into their apps very easily with just a few lines of code.

For now it is only possible to use Samsung Flow through an invitation, although it is expected that very soon all users can access this ecosystem.

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