The world of mobile payments will undergo a revolution in a few years, as this system to make our payments faster is intended to fully integrate with our smartphones and our everyday activity. Apparently, no company wants to stay behind in this field.

The Cupertino company announced in September revolutionary system called Apple Pay and payments would be called to shape and lay the foundation from which we will see in the future in this field. A system by which we should just get our iPhone pocket, closer to the machine to which we are going to pay and pose our finger on the fingerprint sensor Touch ID.


In Samsung did not want to be left behind, so Koreans have decided to become a platform similar to Apple Pay mobile payments, going to work for the company’s two founders LoopPay. Thus, Samsung could start developing their own payment system and include it in their devices the same way as Apple does.

Before Re / code published on negotiations between Samsung and LooPay, and had spoken of a payment system of the company. In October, after the official presentation of Apple Pay, PayPal reported that separated from eBay and would function as an independent company.

It is a logical step that gave the Korean company, although once again makes them look like “followers” in this regard. We do not know if the next Samsung Galaxy S6, which will be presented in a few days at the MWC in Barcelona.

It is not surprising that Samsung skip to this sector. Although not allied with LoopPay, it is likely that the Korean company launched its Apple rival Pay to keep up. Samsung, nor LoopPay commented about it.

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