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Samsung has released another promotional video, in which “drove” on the presented last week iPhone 6 Plus. The video shows a variety of publications and citations tweets several journalists in which they compare Apple smartphones to the Galaxy Note series, the first of which appeared in 2011.

First Samsung recalls in his new spot in mind that the Galaxy Note series that originally set the trend towards larger smartphone screens in the first place. Here, the manufacturer proves Humor, citing reports, according to which the former devices should have been “awkward” because of their size. “So you look like you sprächest in a slice of toast,” it said, therefore, in the Wall Street Journal.

According to Samsung, the users were formerly simply not ready for the Galaxy Note as they now realize that it was pioneering. Now will the design, which was then ridiculed, even imitated by the competition, it said. So Boy Genius Report writes that appears in the next quote: “The truth hurts, Apple fans: You can thank Samsung for the great new iPhone displays”.


samsung-iphnone 6 plus


According to Samsung, the Galaxy Note device is not just a big smartphones,  have a stylus, with the help of which it is convenient to draw or take notes, and multi-monitor mode to work directly with the two applications; which is not present in iPhones. For a few seconds, the Galaxy Note 4 is this roller Samsung is trying to advertise, not just to annoy Apple fans. The latter turned out more than successful.

The idea of almost every infomercial aimed at finding weaknesses in the competitor’s products and, on this basis, functionality of its product line. Sometimes it turns out funny, sometimes ironic, sometimes not entirely clear. Another victim of the South Korean was announced a few days ago Apple iPhone 6 Plus.


Throughout the video mentioning features line of smartphones Galaxy Note, the presence of multi-tasking and multi-window, stylus S-Pen. And for the big screen featured to a new generation of iPhones, Apple, and all should be required to Samsung (as evidence is an article from the resource BGR). In short, the Samsung commercials with the same plot is growing.

After all: Instead of filling the clip exclusively with quotes on the Samsung initiated a trend towards larger screens, the Korean marketing experts also lose a few more words about the newly introduced Galaxy Note 4 Although this probably happens to once again significantly to make sure the iPhone has caught 6 despite the now-grown screen not: instructive states: “the thing is that the Galaxy Note 4 is more than just great it’s about being productive..” [via MacRumors]

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