A little over a month ago, we echoed a piece of news stating that Samsung had plans to sell Note 7 newly manufactured and recalled stock in India once it had replaced all the batteries that had been the Because of the explosions that forced the withdrawal of this device from the market. Shortly afterwards, the Korean firm said that the news had no basis and that the company’s plans did not go through to circulate the stock that had Note 7.

But it seems that has changed its mind, as according to the press release that has published the company on its website, Samsung has announced that it will put on sale units of the Galaxy Note 7 restored, which is very good news for lovers Of this terminal that unfortunately they were forced to return it but wanted to keep a paperweight. These reconditioned devices will be sold through operators in certain countries, so until the company does not make official the announcement of the countries where it will be available, we do not know if we can get a unit.

But before the company has to negotiate with the regulatory authorities to check in which countries can put back the device withdrawn. Last January, the company gave a press conference in which it announced the two problems that had affected the batteries of Note 7, problems that in both cases caused the explosions of these terminals, forcing the company to remove it from the Market in the face of the impossibility of correctly detecting which was the problem that was causing the explosions.

(Source: Samsung)

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