Samsung copied the iPhone 3G / S design with the new Ace Plus?


This can be a new trade that will have to no longer organize the stormy relationship between Apple and Samsung … You already know Apple accuses Samsung have copied the iPhone 3G with the Galaxy S, or iPad with the Galaxy Tab. Now with the discharge of the Samsung Ace Plus, many customers level out the robust resemblance of the software with the iPhone 3G. Apple will she step into the breach?


From the front, no doubt, both terminals are similar, although the two main buttons are not the same shape. This is especially the part and slightly rounded chrome unequivocally reminiscent of the Apple model, a framework already in use in the Samsung S Galaxy model that Apple refers to as a mere copy of the iPhone. For the back, again convex hull looks very much like that of the best-selling Cupertino. Add to that the graphic key-Touch Wizz quite similar to that of iOS and all it takes to ask legitimate questions …

And you dear readers, do you think that Samsung copied the design of the iPhone 3G / S for the Galaxy Ace Plus? 


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