Samsung Copies Apple For Its Own Design Video


Samsung Copies Apple

In a new video, Samsung tried to replicate the effect by Apple with the design of its Galaxy Edge S6. This video entitled “Designing Possible” is largely based on the Apple Edition Watch at several points. First, the Korean company has design Galaxy S6 with a voice very similar to that of Jony Ive in charge of design at Apple. While the tone of voice is quite similar, note some small accents problems on several words.

Secondly, Samsung includes several scenes of the video to Apple as the presentation of relevant documents to the smartphone, the design process, and also the passage of the molten metal.

General speaking, Samsung uses the same staging with sets of lights dark or the equally identical traveling. After being accused of copying Apple to design its aircraft, now Samsung goes even further plagiarism, and it did not fail to be noticed by users.

See for yourself the similarity between the two videos is striking:

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