Samsung Copies Apple’s “Shot On iPhone” Campaign



Samsung surprises us again and again for worse. Almost every move he makes the Korean company seems to be a carbon copy of a previous movement of the guys from Cupertino. Samsung has just introduced a campaign called “Captured on Samsung Galaxy S7” which inevitably reminds us of “Shot on iPhone” campaign of photographs taken directly from iOS devices that Apple takes so much time promoting. We tell you what this means to “Captured on Samsung Galaxy S7” the umpteenth idea of Samsung inspired directly from the laboratories of Cupertino advertising.

The Samsung team told CNET the beginning of a new campaign video called “Captured on Samsung Galaxy S7”, in which we see captured in 4K at 30 FPS, videos or 1080p at 60 FPS depending on the selection Samsung team wants to show. These advertising videos have allegedly been captured since the last star Samsung devices, the Galaxy S7, S7 Plus Edge and S7 Edge respectively. It is impossible to look back without realizing that something sounds like the campaign is a somewhat striking what Apple has been doing for months with the “Shot on iPhone” campaign adaptation.

We have seen pictures taken with iOS devices even in the most famous subway stops around the world. We do not know where to expose Samsung these videos, what we do know, is that certainly should not spend too much on advertising, since they seem engrossed in the idea of copying absolutely any campaign that Apple will bring between hands. We can not tell more about this advertising campaign filtered from CNET, simply wait for the new promotional videos for Samsung, which certainly have no trap or cardboard.

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