samsung-olympicsIn October, Samsung became the official sponsor of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, and promised to give every athlete  a Galaxy Note 3 . However, the company has put one strict condition .

According to SlashGear, the Korean manufacturer is obliged to cover the athletes on their iPhone Apple logo during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics . Samsung does not want to in front of cameras flashed ” apple” smartphone .

Usually at such events athletes pictures on their phones all that is happening around . Of course , the frames with raised skyward iPhone fall into the sights cameras broadcasting the event to the whole world . In Seoul, want to be the only brand that will see the audience , was Samsung.

Requirement echoes the manufacturer to earn on the London Games in 2012 , ” Rule 40 ” – the official ban on references to athletes and their accompanying staff ” nesponsorskoy ” products. Penalties for violation of strict – up to a full disqualification Olympian .

The Korean company has provided athletes Galaxy Note 3 precondition – that athletes hid logos competitors. As stated , the indication that, together with a package of gifts from Samsung got every athlete , directed primarily against products Apple.

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