Note 7

Note 7
It’s official: Samsung no longer build more units Note 7. After announcing that stopped sales of the Galaxy Note 7 worldwide, the South Korean company has starred in Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal that said phablet production has come to an end.

Echoing a press release issued by Samsung in Asian territory, the US media confirm that production Note 7 has been permanently suspended. That means that not only removed the Note 7 sold to date, but also there will be no new units in stores.

Just this morning, remember, Samsung made known his decision to temporarily halt sales of Galaxy Note 7 in all operators and distributors. Also, the company asked the owners of a Note 7 both replacement and turn off your device original- and get in touch with the dealer.

Samsung may pay dearly for this crisis. For starters, Samsung shares fell 7.5% Tuesday on the Seoul bourse, after announcing global sales suspension and replacement of your phone Galaxy Note 7. At the close of trading on the floor of the China price of securities South Korean technology giant tumbled to the $12473, compared with $1348.5 in which closed on Monday in the local park. Thus, the company has lost 15,000 million euros of market value in two days (Monday fell 1.5%).

The company had planned to sell 20 million of Galaxy Note 7 units worldwide, which means that will be a decline in sales of 18,000 million euros and an impact on the benefits of more than 6,000 million euros. The financial muscle of the firm can take care of this unexpected, but the problem may be long term, with a damaged brand competition that can take advantage of this situation.

The news puts an end to the controversy after some media had made known that replacement units Note 7 continued to suffer overheating problems with the battery. Samsung has neither confirmed nor denied this information has, and all he has officially announced to date is that it is working to determine the source of these problems.

In fact, the news of the temporary cessation of sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has its origin precisely in this new research was being carried out Samsung. The company maintains the option to order replacement Note 7 other phone in its catalog.

As you can read on page support Samsung, the current owners of a Note 7 can replace its terminal for S7 or S7 Edge (with Moneyback the difference in price between one model and another) contacting your carrier or if purchasing the phone through Samsung store.


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