Samsung does not side with Apple in FBI standoff



Ever since Tim Cook expressed his position defending the privacy of users against FBI requests to unlock the iPhone 5c owned by Terrorist in San Bernardino, there  have already been more than 40 props that have received Cupertino. These include those of Microsoft, Google, Edward Snowden, Mark Zuckerberg and co-founder of WhatsApp, Jan Koum. But it seems that Samsung will not support Apple’s stance, at least not officially or delivering any writing.

As Bloomberg reported, Samsung itself that you agree with some of the statements from Apple, as the idea that “any request to create a backdoor could undermine consumer confidence”, but did not show support for his intimate enemy, which is none other than the company directed by Tim Cook. But is it something that should surprise us?

Samsung stands for encryption devices, but Apple will not support in its tough legal battle with the FBI and the government of the United States. At least, for now. They are rivals, and from Samsung have said they will not be decided either by one side or the other.

Samsung is not prepared to take a stand in the case, at any rate, they did agree with Apple’s position with respect to the privacy of users (they better), since they have a common goal towards their commitment to the protection of user data.

On the other hand, and as mentioned previously, a large number of groups and organizations have joined Apple’s stance, including the American Union Rights and Civil Liberties, Access Now and the committee of freedom of speech of the United Nations.
In another vein, we discovered a few hours ago that Apple would have to pay one million euros for each iPhone that refuses to unblock in France, after hearing the decision of the Ministry of Justice of that country.

What is kind of funny is when they say they should put aside their rivalry with Apple and do the right thing when they have not done what they have decided. I think, as they say, have to do the right thing is to side with customers because, after all, are the ones who pay them and have put them where they are. If they do not, however much they say, they have sided with the FBI.

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