Samsung failed to ban sales of the iPhone and iPad in Japan


SamsungSamsung has not led to a ban on the sale of smartphones in Japan iPhone 4 , iPhone 4s and tablet iPad. The district judge ruled that Apple did not infringe the copyright of the Korean manufacturer .

The company Samsung, a leading legal confrontation with Apple, filed lawsuits alleging that the American side in the illegal use of their technology . It was on patents for wireless communication. Copyright to them , allegedly owned by the South Korean company . According to representatives of Samsung, in connection with violation of Apple’s patents in Japan should be a ban on the sale of iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2 .

Nevertheless, the Tokyo District Court has a different opinion . According to Bloomberg, Themis returned a verdict according to which copyright infringement was not, and therefore no grounds for a ban on the sale of  Apple no electronics . Samsung has expressed disappointment with the court’s decision and announced the intention to appeal to the higher court .

The biggest technological giants are patent war is not the first year. The first lawsuit was filed by the American corporation in April 2011 when she accused Samsung of copying the design of their devices. At the same time Samsung has filed a number of counterclaims in several countries. While more successful manufacturer iPhone and iPad, sued a competitor for one of the trials of about $900 million

In the coming days in the United States will hold its next hearing at which Apple will try to convince the court that Samsung infringed its patents . According to the results of a recent court proceedings in the United States Cupertino-based company was not able to ban sales of Samsung smartphones in the U.S. market .

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