Samsung Fights Apple for Patent Infringement


The Apple tightens lawsuit in opposition to Samsung for copying the iPhone design and interface of its iPhone and iPad , gets a good turn. Samsung to counterattack . The company wants Apple to court for infringement of patents on wireless technology. " Apple is one of our main clients of semiconductors and display panels, but we have no choice but a strong answer at this time , "said a spokesman for the Korean electronics giant compared to Yonhap .



"Samsung has its own portfolio of proprietary technologies and intellectual property built up. We actively respond and protect our property " said the spokesman also. Samsung basing its case against Apple still not on facts, but "suspects" that Apple is violating patents related to wireless technologies.

Apple was in 2010 on the second largest customer of Samsung , and was single-handedly responsible for four percent of the profit in the year. Sony just bought for more money in the brand.

The manufacturer of the iPhone made ​​the case yesterday announced , one week before its Galaxy S2 Samsung smartphone home in South Korea on the market. This is the successor of Samsung's best selling high-end phone recently.

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