Samsung has asked YouTube to remove videos that the Galaxy Note 7 is used as a bomb in games like Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). The video platform Google has agreed to the request and has begun its task of censorship.

Samsung’s nightmare continues, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will not abandon the collective imagination as it left an “explosive” I remember in history. Especially the ‘youtubers’ climbing videos GTA V have it very present when programming their ‘mods’.

As recalled, the Galaxy Note 7 became famous for their ability to exploit in the hands of its users. This defect has done with these phones that have been withdrawn from the market causing huge losses to the company.


Now, in order to maintain at least the image, Samsung has decided to ask censor YouTube videos in which the mark is impaired. This happens in such ‘gameplays’ in which ‘youtubers’ use the device as if it were a Granada.

However, the ‘mod’ Galaxy Note 7 is still available for download on the Internet. So even though Samsung delete all the current videos GTA V on your phone is used as a pump, the same ‘youtubers’ can still create infinitely videos.

(Source: YouTube)

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