Samsung Galaxy Buds with Wireless Charging are Cheaper than AirPods


Samsung announced the Galaxy Buds, a direct competitor to Apple’s AirPods. What do the Galaxy Buds have to offer? Let’s look at the differences below.

The Apple Airpods costs $160 versus the Samsung Galaxy Buds that will cost $129.99, starting on March 8. Simultaneously with the new Galaxy S10 smartphone and the Galaxy Fold, Samsung had even more new products to announce, including these Samsung Galaxy Buds. They are wireless earplugs, which are similar to the AirPods, but without the recognizable stick that sticks out of your ear.

In fact, the Galaxy Buds look like many existing Bluetooth caps that we have already seen from Anker, JBL, Sennheiser, Jabra, and other brands. They are small compact balls with rubber tips that you push into the ear canal. Below we discuss what you need to know about the Galaxy Buds, to decide whether you are better off with Samsung or Apple.

With the Galaxy Buds, Samsung has put extra emphasis on audio quality and previously worked with its subsidiary AKG, which they acquired through the acquisition of Harman. The Enhanced Ambient Sound ensures that you can keep listening to your surroundings while listening to your music and with the Adaptive Dual Microphone you can be heard when you are making a call in a loud environment.

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