Samsung has announced that the Galaxy Fold will go on sale in South Korea on September 6, more than five months after its scheduled launch date and a few days before the annual Apple event in September.

After the official presentation this morning, Samsung’s choices regarding its Galaxy Fold, the first folding smartphone is a sensation. Samsung will cross fingers this time in the hope of having a launch free error.

According to The Verge, the Galaxy Fold will also be available in France, Germany, and Singapore from September 18. Samsung has not revealed an exact date for the United Kingdom and the United States, but it should arrive in a few weeks. The phone will be available in a single configuration, 512 GB of storage space, 12 GB of RAM and 5G support, and will be sold together with the luxurious Montblanc case.

The folding smartphone initially was supposed to hit the market back in April but was delayed following multiple reports by broken unit reviewers after a few days of use. Many reviewers found problems with the device’s testing, including random bulges that appeared on the 7.3-inch display and flickering screens. In many cases, the problems were sufficient to make the $1,980 device completely unusable.


An independent investigation revealed that the foldable phone lacked adequate protection against the entry of debris between the OLED screen and the frame of the case. Samsung withdrew all the Fold devices distributed to the reviewers and claimed that it was postponing the phone launch while completing a redesign to resolve display failures. The South Korean company said in July that the phone would be launched in September, but did not specify a date.

Samsung is already working on its next folding smartphone, according to a report we saw earlier this week. Designed for launch early next year, it is said to be a 6.7-inch flip device that can be folded into a compact-sized square.

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