Samsung Galaxy Nexus: browser, and apps in action [video]


After the primary fingers on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have emerged, now first videos have surfaced showing the operation of the new Google Phones.The colleagues of the Italian name blogs have taken the opportunity hdblog and some videos about the browser, and more generally about the future Galaxy Nexus rotated.


 In the video you can see very nicely how the hardware acceleration is working in the Nexus, which has been found in similar form on the Samsung S2 Galaxy catchment.

What is also very noticeable, are the animations that were integrated in the new system.These occur when changing the screen orientation from landscape to Partrait on.This makes operation of the device a lot more fun.

Following this article are four videos of hdblog channel displayed directly on Youtube, the rest of the videos can be viewed in the channel itself.Each of which the Galaxy Nexus and the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich interested, these videos should not be withheld.




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