Samsung has stopped sales of the Galaxy Note 7 to ensure that they no longer have problems. According to the company, 24 have been reports received by the explosion of your smartphone. However, until collect and make the replacement of all the phones, continue to see some news like this since Australia.
This time, the user of Reddit Note 7 published in the details of the explosion while he was on a business trip. The mobile had broken out in the hotel room where he was, burning bed sheets and floor carpet. Even the poor man burned finger.

My Note 7 exploded, first case in Australia from GalaxyNote7

It has happened to Crushader user of Reddit, who was on business trip to Perth and Brisbane. While doing stop and inn in a hotel, Crushader woke up to see that her sheets were being burned by the terminal. When attempting to remove him to avoid fire, it burned on a finger and caused the room carpet was singed, which ultimately has resulted in a bill of over $1800 Australians by the hotel. However, that money will not Crushader pocket, which has already contacted Samsung to replace him and run the terminal with the damage, something the company has already committed to do.

 According to Samsung this is the first case in Australia of a Note 7 flammable, but either way said they would be responsible to pay damages and hotel and given a new mobile of another model temporarily.
The South Korean company is conducting an investigation about these smartphones and battery failure. To date, 30 cases go to Notes 7 explosives or melt because of the defect of the battery, and evidently always occurs when charging the mobile.
This could be a pretty big loss of money for Samsung, if they see necessary to replace the batteries in all units Notes 7 they would put on the market. But beyond that, we talk about a security risk that is simply unacceptable and must be resolved either way.

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