The airlines have given the lace to Samsung Galaxy Note 7. You can not fly which was destined to be the star of Korean mobile company in 2017. The FAA, which stands for the Federal Aviation Administration has banned it fly with this particular model. If it was normal for everyone it emerges that this particular terminal could not fire on board this Saturday gone beyond and can not be entered in any aircraft in the United States, both local and international flights so far. Neither on nor off. Or hold, or cabin. The measure is effective from the moment of issue.

In a statement signed by Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation, it is urged to avoid at all costs that these devices may cause an accident. “We recognize that prohibit this model will be annoying for airlines and for passengers who have one, but safety is our priority”, he explains, “We have taken this extra step because any fire during a flight is a risk severe and you can put many lives in danger. ”

It is expected that this measure is adopted worldwide and Samsung will soon make a statement about it. Monday was the last time you went to customers to announce that they should return and stopped production after seeing replacement units of the first batch were setting fire.

Note 7

The US airlines have started to send emails, SMS and through social networks to reach the standard to travelers. This is not a recommendation but a standard. Addressing one of these phones can result in a fine or be considered a crime, as if carrying a gun, a spray or product to burn.

It is estimated that fiasco Note 7 has already cost Samsung more than 5,300 million. In all, US authorities have recorded 96 cases of batteries that have been heated so much that were smoking.

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