Galaxy note 7

Galaxy note 7
Samsung has finally announced that it will put on sale the Galaxy Note 7 after a September marked by controversy. The new terminal of the South Korean company was released on September 2, but a series of explosions battery located in different parts of the world was enough for the manufacturer to withdraw the entire production of the terminal to replace it with one that did not affect the user safety.

One of the first measures taken after the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was changing battery supplier, ie changed the manufacturer who supplied them defective loads for the new terminal. Now they have launched machinery and have set a date for the return of the Galaxy Note 7 to everyone.

“Every Note7 customer in Europe has received a series of safety messages, from Samsung asking them to exchange, and a software update rolling out across Europe to all existing Note7 devices has reset the maximum battery charge of existing Note7 devices to 60%,” – Samsung

It will be on October 28 when stores have new units to sell, especially in the face of new customers who want to make a new terminal, since the image of Samsung has been seriously and even affected its stock . Users exchange program still change (strongly advised) its terminal a new one, which we understand will begin in October also change.

Samsung begins to overcome and one of the worst launches in its history and not expected to return to such cases. Like they say you learn from mistakes, we will have to see if it is true.

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