If things looked bad when they started the first cases of technical failures of smart phone Galaxy Note 7 Samsung will accumulate problems. South Korean users have shown complaints replacement devices that the South Korean firm decided to replace them as soon as possible to prevent cases of explosions and explosions.

As reported by “The Wall Street Journal” already have been reports of owners of equipment replacement this mobile device overheated and quickly lose autonomy, a situation that can further complicate the recovery of the South Korean firm and increase economic losses.

Since the first units should be replaced for a week by the already reviewed and tested, they have not done more than new user complaints about appear to spare batteries Galaxy Note 7. The company has acknowledged that some consumers have complained parts phones whose design, like other existing on the market, contain no removable battery models.

So far, complaints have been registered only in South Korea. The company has not advanced similar cases in other countries. Samsung has not confirmed the number of registered cases, but these new complaints could undermine confidence in the company. Without going any further, “Bloomberg” points even a case of Note 7 revised torched in China.

Replaced more than half
More than half of the owners of the Note 7 Samsung have already changed their terminals with new ones in South Korea, eight days after the electronics giant began the recall worldwide after several cases of ignition . The number of users who have already received a new phone exceeded 200,000 on Saturday, according to official figures. Of the more than 2.5 million Note 7 sold worldwide since last Aug. 19, about 400,000 were sold in South Korea, home of Samsung, and one million in the US.

Through the recall, users Note 7 have the option to receive a new phone of the same model and color in exchange for their old terminal or request a refund, which have only made 5% in Korea South, according to figures obtained by the Yonhap news agency. The new Galaxy Note 7 being delivered to consumers have the battery indicator green to differentiate themselves from the first version.

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