Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review: The Good And Bad



It’s obvious to start this review with the Note 7 explosions that have been happened lately. Samsung confirmed a total of 35 cases related to the problem of battery Note 7 figures that appear to be already close to 70 only in the United States, so the seriousness of the matter is more than evident.

On the other hand, this is the best smartphone that Samsung has ever done, but also the most problematic of the last 20 years. Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 7, the second phone Star 2016. Internally, we have a hardware very similar, almost identical to the Galaxy S7 Edge, but externally are being noted differences.

Its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5, did not arrive to Europe was a huge miscalculation by Samsung. The “Note range” is very dear, and many of his buyers are unconditional. It is true that the Note range does not have many sales as the ‘S’ range, but it certainly has more loyal customers.

Not remember how much should the market high-end smartphones the original Galaxy Note and his successors. Surely and with the various iPhone launched these years, are more terminals that have defined the industry as a whole.

I have had the opportunity to try this smartphone 5.66-inch and, despite a serious problem with the battery, it is impossible not to see how great it is this smartphone. Read on to understand why.

Design and finishing


The design of the Galaxy Note 7 directly inspired by the Galaxy S7 edge but details have much care. The result is a symmetrical design in Note 7. The symmetry in Note 7 greatly appreciated when we observe it from the sides. From this angle the metal frame is centered enters Dual Edge, covering the back and front. At first glance it may not seem like a significant difference, the change can be seen with the device in hand. A 5.7-inch that fits in the hand and feels really comfortable.

It is easy to find changes when compared to the Note 5. The curve of the screen is new, and the new Note 7 has a more angular than the Note 5 corners, providing a very good grip. From the front it is also difficult to differentiate between S7 Note 7 on edge. Only a trained eye could recognize the additional opening for iris scanner at the top of the screen. The start button also integrates fingerprint reader does not protrude much.


Although this device brings a mini-jack of 3.5 mm and has a stylus and even a battery of 3,500 mAh, it is almost as thin as the Galaxy S7 Edge. To give you an idea, the dimensions of the new iPhone 7 Plus are 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm with a 5.5-inch screen, while the Note 7 are 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm.


Display Screen

note7_coloursThe main novelty of the Galaxy Note 7 is its screen, which allows you to play videos and games HDR. In theory, this function allows the display to reproduce colors more realistic way. The HDR10 function Note 7 has a range of colors of 10 bits instead of 8..The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a Super AMOLED with WQHD resolution (2566 x 1440) Dual Edge. Compared with the Galaxy S7 screen edge increased to 5.7 inches. There will be a flat screen version without edge despite the rumors insisted on it.

The screen displays vivid colors, rich blacks and sharp images as he usually does with its Super AMOLED Samsung screens. The main novelty is that the screen is ready to represent HDR10 videos and games. It also has Gorilla Glass protection 5, Corning.

Night mode is something that Android smartphone users have been asking for some time. Manufacturers like Asus or Apple have worked with similar functions and Nougat Android 7.0 already offers this feature, and also appears in Note 7 as Coral Blue shade. When activated, this function returns the screen of a yellowish hue as it begins to have less light in the day. The intention is to reduce eye strain and fatigue in low light conditions.

Thus, the HDR display allows more detail, richer colors and higher brightness, with deeper black. The fact that it has a wider range of colors makes avoid losing image quality when viewing the screen. This image will help you understand.

Gorilla Glass 5


At the time of launch of Gorilla Glass 5, Corning, its manufacturer said in his evidence this material is almost two times stronger than its predecessor, supporting 80% of falls to 1.60 meters. The Galaxy Note 7, which has this material, it seems quite resistant to both behind and in front, but it is difficult to know what their durability.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Features

If you want all your files are protected from prying eyes, Samsung has integrated in Note 7 a feature called ‘protected files’. With it you can store everything you want to keep privately and access these files is only possible through the use of biometric sensors.

One of the most exciting features of the Galaxy Note 7 is your iris reader. Biometric sensor is placed on the top right of the phone and responds fast, especially after continuous use. However, it is not as functional as might think.

The great advantage of using it is safety. Each person has a unique pattern on their iris, and does not change for the rest of his life, and it is impossible to replicate making it much safer than using fingerprint.

The Galaxy Note 7 allows using a single iris. To record data, you must take off your glasses, but once done the initial recognition is not necessary to remove them. With that, to allow iris scanning function, you must select a type of security mode as password, PIN and pattern. Because of this, whenever you want to unlock the screen you have to slide your finger across the screen and place the device in front of your eyes.

As explained, the use of iris reader is not so intuitive and generates too many steps. In addition, having to establish another security system makes this system will not be able to function, for now, with payments or other operations.

Another novelty, compared to its predecessor, is the resistance IP68 certified water and dust, which extends the S Pen. So, no problem if S Pen is dropped into water. This feature is extremely good, and very useful when you have the phone with wet hands or rain.

USB Type C
s-l16001_2_1The Galaxy Note 7 supports USB 3.1 type C, which allows faster charging and makes it able to use loads of 100 watts or a current of 20 volts and 5 amperes. The type C and is becoming a standard available on phones Lenovo, Sony, LG and others, and most likely to spread throughout the Android landscape.

In addition, the box is an adapter for USB and microUSB, which will make the phone supports cables or computers you may have at home.

S Pen


The S Pen has also greatly improved. Its tip is thinner, which makes writing and drawing experience is much more fluid. Press the button for a few seconds makes an eraser, with which you can easily delete anything ever written. The Air Command, operations center S Pen, has won several improvements. To begin with, there is now a magnifying glass that allows its correct use. It can also be used to translate words and phrases. With the S Pen improvements, the Note 7 has become much more productive, especially for those who travel a lot.

The most entertaining, however, function is to create GIFs and send them to friends. In a YouTube video, for example, you can highlight a sequence with the stylus to make it a GIF. With the screen off to take notes when removing the S Pen, which is very useful when you need to jot down quick notes and save them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Software


The new version of Touchwiz in Note 7 adapts to the design and colors of the device. In Note 7 we have an optimization of the user interface Galaxy S7 as a reduction of icon colors making it more elegant. In Note 7, the interface becomes Grace called UX and in a direct comparison with TouchWiz S7, I can say that is more mature and subtle.

The device is shipped running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and although Samsung has not officially confirmed when we receive Android 7.0 Nougat, the operator T-Mobile has confirmed that the device will receive the latest version of the operating system of Google.

With the change in the Note line interface, some resources are harder to find. During the test I found it difficult to find the menu “Smart Lock” which was only possible through the search icon on configuration. By the way, a tip: If Smart Lock in combination with any of the biometric features Note 7 improve the user experience, no longer need to unlock the screen as it recognizes you are in a safe place.

Game Launcher
The Game Launcher, the central gaming Samsung appeared both S7 and S7 edge and is also present in the Note 7. This feature adds games to a specific folder and downloads new updates automatically added. Before starting the game you can mute or hide alerts and change the game settings to conserve battery from ‘Game Tool’

With ‘Game Tool can record games and share it with other users, you can also disable the keys to improve the gaming experience.

Curved, dual-edge screen

screenThe ‘screen edge’ feature is present in the Galaxy Note 7 and allows the swiping from the right side to the left or vice versa, access a list of services. This feature gives users direct access to up to five favorite contacts, identified with different colors, can add favorite sites to the native browser manufacturer.

Regarding the software, Samsung has brought its Note 7 everything is more functional and productive of the S and Note series. However performance Note 7 leaves much to be desired and this is a consequence of the number of functions Note 7. To get an idea, a performance analysis conducted by staff of XDA developers showed that while Note 7 running 96 processes, the OnePlus only 50 and both devices contained the same number of installed applications.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Performance

The Galaxy Note 7 comes with two processing variants: one with 820 and one with Snapdragon Exynos 8890. The we tested is the one that brings the latter. It also comes with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, expandable via microSD. Unfortunately, the internal memory can not be integrated into the outer, as each has different speeds.

During the time I’ve tried the Note 7 there was something clear: the device does not give the performance your promises specification table. TouchWiz is heavy, and 4 GB of RAM is not enough for him. Samsung should have gone the way of companies like OnePlus, which has included 6 GB of RAM in its latest flagship.

Do not misunderstand me, Note 7 performance is satisfactory, per an updated TouchWiz could transform your experience into something much better. Playing Nova 3, the system has failed on occasion, something not seen on phones like OnePlus. Even multitasking has been somewhat slow sometimes.

In benchmark tests, I’ve noticed that has a very similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge score, but in practice it is not exactly true. However, for everyday use the terminal does not give any problems.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Audio

Although it emits a loud sound audio with the Galaxy Note 7 it is not the best smartphone in terms of sound quality. As with the Galaxy S7 we can use the Note 7 for listening to music Spotify, for example, at home or in closed to a maximum volume of 75%, after this environments, depending on the style of music, the sound loses clarity .

This can be frustrating, especially considering that Samsung has invested heavily in this device productivity and entertainment. HDR display quality should be supported by a stereo speaker. Another problem is the speaker position, it ends up being blocked by the hand when using the Note 7 for play.

However when the device with headphones things change, As in the Note 5 Samsung brings native audio equalizer software that can be used to optimize the sound and music videos used. But do not expect miracles, the audio can be enhanced with this feature but do not expect a significant change

In the case Note 7 we find a pair of headphones. Bad news for lovers radio, this device does not have FM radio so you have to listen to streaming consuming data

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Camera


As you can see in the table of specifications, Note 7 brings the same camera sensor as the Galaxy S7 Edge, one of the best phones on the market in terms of photography. The main camera comes with a resolution of 12 megapixels and a sensor 1/2.5 inch. The pixels are 1.4 microns size and are more sensitive to daylight. This combination with an aperture of f / 1.7 and Dual Pixel technology that captures sharper and higher contrast images.

The Note 7 brings improvements in the camera application, directed mainly to its usability. You can change camera quickly, add filters and double-clicking the physical button to open it. The image stabilizer is great, and the auto-focus works perfectly. The color representation is very accurate and images bring all kinds of details. The dynamic range is very good, because it uses a good balance between light and shade in each captured image.

Front camera brings maximum resolution of 5 megapixel f/1.7. Bring a correction modes detailing certain parts of the face.

samsung-galaxy-note-7-camera-photo-sample-4 samsung-galaxy-note-7-camera-photo



First it says that this analysis began days before Samsung officially recognize the problem with the explosions battery Note 7.  With that said, the Note 7 has a 3500 mAh battery, 100 mAh this is less than the S7 edge. However, it is a step in the series since Note 5 there were only 3000 mAh. During my test, the unit had a range of expected battery for a smartphone that power.

The reason that the battery is 100mAh less in Note 7 must be directly linked to the inclusion of more hardware on the device, such as iris scans or the S Pen, which also takes up space.


Any Li-ion battery has the potential to explode due to chemical components inside. For example, lithium has a high electrochemical potential, and therefore is used as an anode of high-capacity batteries. However, lithium is highly reactive and more likely to go into thermal runaway.

When a defective battery overheats, the cells are broken and produces a chain reaction that causes the breakage of other cells. This phenomenon is known as thermal runaway and is the main reason why the batteries exploding. The failure that causes a thermal break may be a simple short circuit or a design flaw.

Power saving mode

The new Samsung device comes with two power saving modes: average and maximum. The first limits the use of mobile data in the background reduces processor speed and decreases the screen resolution, making the lower the demands of the GPU The second mode is much more aggressive and only allows the use of telephone and messages, this limits the performance of the device and prevents the use of the network in the background.

Moreover, Samsung optimizes power consumption during the games in order to save energy. When we started playing, for example, we have the option of “saving energy during the game.”

The Galaxy Note 7 brings fast charging technology without cables. With the device I have just tested fast charging through the adapter and cable, so the process was very fast; when the unit was at 0%, and 1h 20m was needed to reach the 80% charge. This feature is very important, load quickly without having to wait hours for a 30% load.



  • 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm
  • 169 g
  • Screen 5.7 “Super AMOLED with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the screen and back
  • IP68
  • Exynos 8890 Octa
  • 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory
  • microSD slot
  • 12 MP camera f / 1.7
  • Front camera 5MP f / 1.7
  • Fingerprint readers and iris
  • 3500 mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Availability and Pricing

The Galaxy Note 7 was introduced on August 22 and its pre-orders began a few days later. However, due to problems with the device’s battery, which could cause combustion of it, Samsung has had to withdraw Note 7 had already distributed, the greater the withdrawal of the last 20 years.

Based on research of Samsung, the problem of battery cell caused a contact between anode and cathode generating overheating. According to the company, this is an extremely rare problem, but that can happen in the manufacturing process.

As of September 19,  change to the Samsung Galaxy Note7  will be available. Until the change is better not to use the phone. To differentiate the new terminals having problems Samsung has changed the color of the battery icon from white to green.

To sum it that, this is the best smartphone made by Samsung, but also the most problematic. Leaving aside the issue of the withdrawal of units, this would have been a phone almost five stars.

The Galaxy Note 7 has a great design, incomparable and a fantastic camera screen, your hardware has great potential, especially with a possible upgrade, and the battery lasts a day. Despite its high price, the Galaxy Note smartphone 7 would be perfect if it were not for the complication of the battery. iPhone 7 Plus is the biggest competitor of Note 7, was announced before Apple showed its new bets of the year and the controversy came days before the presentation of the new iPhone. Seen this way, South Koreans need to lower their price if they sell a decent number of models.

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