Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy Note 5: Specs Comparison



The long wait is finally over, Samsung officially introduced Galaxy Note 7 after countless leaks, rumors and assumptions. And no doubt, is impressive. After skipping a generation past -we Galaxy Note 5 directly to the Galaxy Note7.

Although the wait has been long, it has been worthwhile, and that the top end of a large boasts groundbreaking features. But what if I have the Galaxy Note 5? Are there enough improvements with the Galaxy Note7 to get rid of my current smartphone and upgrade? These are the questions we intend to answer with comparative we have done, so if you are unsure, it is worth paying attention.

Throwing a quick glance, it can be somewhat difficult to discern whether really changed much between one generation and another device. But, the changes which are substantial in any-key sections, such as the battery, the camera, the new S-Pen or resistance IP68 water and dust. As for design, we see the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 follow the same guidelines released over a year ago by the Galaxy S6.

This translates into a successful use of glass and metal. The first material covers almost the entire surface of the Galaxy Note7, while the latter is reduced to the bevelled edges thereof. Differences in aesthetic section, although somewhat subtle, are perceivable. On the front of the terminal, for example, changes the arrangement of the sensors, since the new Note7 is the new iris scanner, something we see for the first time in a Samsung phone.


Galaxy Note 7 Vs Galaxy Note 5 specs:


The decision in this case, is not very complicated. If you are a restless person, you like to try every new phone that comes on the market and do not last the phone more than three months, then worth changing the Samsung Galaxy Note7 the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. On the other hand, factors such as resistance water and dust, higher capacity battery and the microSD slot can be decisive when staying with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or pass to its successor.

However, you may not have felt the need to upgrade your smartphone yet, which is quite likely. And the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is a huge terminal -in every sense that, despite meeting now just one year, still has capacity to give much more. Therefore, perhaps now it is not the best time for an upgrade.

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