Apple just introduced its new iPhone 7 Plus, and although we could not prove it (yet) we wanted to make a comparison between the iPhone 7 Plus and its closest rival today, the Samsung Note 7.

In design, both devices feature an aluminum body and glass, the Samsung Note 7, the double curvature of both glass and aluminum gives a premium touch to the device but the iPhone 7 presents a very similar design to the generations previous (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) changing what you do not like the lines of the antennas are better camouflaged and glossy black finish suits her phenomenal, to taste the colors … and designs !.


IPhone 7 Plus features a 5.5-inch Retina display to FHD resolution, Apple decides not to increase the resolution of the screen but offers a wide improvements as larger than previous generations colors and 25% brighter (and that iPhone screens was already shining above). samsung-galaxy-note-7-specs-1024x758Meanwhile Samsung offers a Note 7, the 2K resolution screen is 5.7 inches in size. The best IPS panel against the best Amoled panel.


If we see the hardware of both devices, we see that both Samsung and Apple choose their own processors (in Europe), while the Koreans mounted 6GB of RAM, Apple is content with 2GB (although some rumors suggest that this figure could be a little higher, we will be aware of new developments). One thing to keep in mind it is the numbers could reflect a clear advantage for Samsung but evidence had already been made above show that the iPhone 6s Plus (less powerful than the iPhone 7 Plus) was faster than the Note 7 thanks to good optimization gives your Apple devices.

iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Note 7


The struggle between the chambers of both devices is very tight, it seemed that Samsung was ahead of Apple with camera Samsung Note 7 (the same camera that already incorporates the S7 Edge), but I impression that Apple has reacted to the coup and dual camera iPhone 7 Plus maybe a step above will fall, I insist you have to check the results when we get our hands on both devices, but the mere fact that Samsung had not introduced anything new regarding the camera of Samsung S7 while Apple incorporates a dual camera with six items on their lenses and greater openness, shows that the fight between the two is very even but Apple may be a step above.

Features / Specs

Both devices introduced their typical improvements, reversible USB Type-C connector, iris recognition or the typical S-Pen, are some of the innovations introduced by Samsung in Note 7. Apple, the new iPhone 7 brings improvements 3D Touch technology, both on screen and in the new “Home” button, water resistance and dust (which Samsung already available for some time), and new EarPods, whose main novelty is the product itself but the disappearance 3.5 mm jack.


Both Note 7 as the iPhone 7 Plus are devices that bring us great benefits in exchange for a high price ($879 for the Samsung device in its economic model compared to  $969 iPhone 7 Plus cheaper) however, difference between the two devices is measured in small details.

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