Samsung Galaxy S Ad Makes Fun of the iPhone 4 Reception Problems


Now that the iPhone four arrives in Spain on Friday and sixteen different nations, it is usually vital to say the marketing campaign launched through Samsung.

Within the UK, Samsung launched the weekend a viral marketing campaign by way of twitter the place it used to be that you can think of to acquire an S Galaxy i9000 Samsung free for each iPhone four with protection issues.

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The campaign was a tremendous success, all terminals Galaxy S sold out immediately.

The ll's on Hello was replaced by the signal bars on the iPhone 4.



You can also see part of this aggressive campaign launched by Samsung in the newspaper and accompanying the Galaxy S.

Note: the iPhone 4 will come on Friday July 30 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland . Obviously, this does not include the iPhone 4 white, terminal will be available in the market at year's end.

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