Samsung Galaxy S to get Value Pack instead of Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0


 A brand new message has regarded on the Android replace issues on each Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab gadgets. Past this month atSamsung gave didn’t unencumber an Ice Cream Sandwich replace to the instrument as a result of it will possibly no longer deal with it this week, the producer indicated to analyze. Consistent with Sammyhub  Samsung will now bring a 'Value Pack' in both devices. 

Galaxy s2 Android

This software update should bring several improvements and updates to the software capabilities of the direction to pull Ice Cream SandwichThink of enhanced browsing capabilities, multitasking improvements and new widgets. The Android 4.0 update should no longer in use and 2.3 Android operating system would remain. Samsung has also not yet confirmed.

If it proves to be true: Would improvements and new widgets for you a nice compromise, or only the real Android 4.0 operating system good enough? The Samsung would have a good solution since they do not want to do away from the TouchWiz interface on Android 4.0 Ice Cream SandwichThe combination of these packages would ensure that the ROM and RAM memory of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab would no longer draw.

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