Samsung Galaxy S III could be launched with Quad-Core Processor


After the Galaxy S II established guidelines regarding what is a good design of hardware between the phones Android, consumers now have high expectations for the arrival of the Galaxy S III.According to rumors that are growing stronger and closer to becoming reality, the Samsung Galaxy S III will come with one processor quad-core.

Galaxy-s-iiiSamsung just announced that it will be launching a new processor Exynos for 2012 will use ARM technology, big.LITTLE. If you wonder what it is, is simple as it sounds. The new processor Exynos combine the Cortex-A15 MPCore with Cortex-A7 MPCore on a single chip that will alternate between the two as needed.

The Cortex-A15 will play a leading role, while the simplest functions are the responsibility of the Cortex-A7. The Cortex-A7 is designed to be efficient in terms of battery consumption, so that the phone is expected to consume 70% less battery while the A7 is in use. To give you a better idea, think NVidia's Optimus technology, which switches to a lower power GPU when not required Heavy-duty, although in this case, both processors will be on a single chip.

Both the A15 and the A7 dual-core processor will help, but despite having a total of four, used only two at a time. The A15 will have a speed between 1-A7 1.5GHz and 1GHz.

It is hoped that this new version is released Exynos for the second half of 2012, unless Samsung rush to get the Samsung Galaxy S III processor with the newly announced 4212 Exynos 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, with a yield greater than 50% in "graphics performance" and consumes 30% less battery.

Personally, I understand that's a good move by Samsung to keep consumers looking for more power on your phone. Now we all know that is not always a faster processor ends up being more efficient. I think it's very good, but the real question is: is it good enough?.



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