Galaxy S III subsequent Samsung top smartphone to be equipped with the ability to wirelessly be charged acouple feet away. Current wireless chargers require that the phone is placed on the charger. The technology that Samsung uses for this is not the default implementation of Qi , but its own patented method claims to the Korean site DDaily


It is unclear what purpose technology is Samsung, but the electronics company has a wireless charging technique patented . The patent was filed in March 2011.

With the Samsung technology does not matter where a device is placed relative to the charging station, as long as it's around. The distance can be up to two meters. The back of the unit would out-of-the-box suitable for wireless charging. On many phones it is now only an option, for which a separate rear must be purchased. Wireless charging is in the telecom market seen as important new feature for smartphones in the coming years.

The phone in the rumor mill known as Galaxy S III, the successor of the Galaxy S II, the most successful smartphone that Samsung has ever made. The manufacturer sold over twenty million copies of the device, which over the world in various forms has come true. In last weekend appeared an image that he suspected the Galaxy S III was shownThe design has many similarities with the media player Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 , which speakers above and below the screen.


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