Samsung Galaxy S10: Release Date, Price and Features

bgr-galaxy s10

For those always looking for the latest smartphones of well-known Samsung’s Galaxy has become a benchmark when it comes to surprising and, of course, innovate so that although it has not been officially presented at the moment the next Samsung Galaxy S10, we can begin to give you details about it.

Although nothing has been officially released yet, there are many rumors that we get with the new Galaxy S10 that could also come with the Galaxy S10 Plus, which would not be released until 2019.


As for the technical characteristics to expect for the Samsung Galaxy S10, we would be talking about a terminal that will surprise thanks to its power. In fact several media have ensured that once put on sale, we will see how it will not have a rival, however much some companies (especially Chinese) consider taking out their respective clones.

The basics in terms of these technical features are that it will have a RAM of 16 GB and 1TB of internal storage, something that makes many already think of the Galaxy S10 as a kind of pocket computer and certainly if really that it is your memory and storage we will have an insurmountable smartphone.

Prices and Availability

So far, we do not know exactly the date of launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10, but we can echo what is discussed from the price that has been set for the Galaxy S9 that is around at $700.

All the information we receive is that the S10 will cost us at least $800, although the phone with a larger memory can exceed $900. A very high price, but when you see what is already known about the technical characteristics it seems that in some way this price would be set.

In fact, we can say that Samsung would have planned to present the new Samsung Galaxy S10 on February 24, 2019, in the framework of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that year to put it on sale on March 16 for the general public, pre-orders will take place on March 2.

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