Samsung Galaxy S10 To Be Integrated With 3 Rear And Two Front Cameras


Samsung Galaxy S10 To Be Integrated With 3 Rear And Two Front Cameras Less than two months before the eleventh generation of the iPhone sees the light of the day, we already have a more or less clear picture of what will be presented.

The same goes with the next Samsung phone, the Galaxy S10, which has five more months to be officially presented, rumors have already been filling the web about its camera, which stands out above all manufacturers, including Apple’s iPhone.

According to the Korean website The Bell, Samsung plans for the Galaxy S10 include launching three models: Galaxy S10, Galaxy 10+ and a lower-cost Galaxy S10. The latter being an entry-level model for the Galaxy S range and would offer greater benefits than the Galaxy of the serious A and the series J. If this launch is confirmed, both Apple and Samsung, would follow Huawei strategy by having three different versions of the same model.

This same source says that the back of Galaxy S10+ would be integrated with three cameras, a rumor that be also seen in the next Apple iPhone. In the front, there will be two cameras, of which at the moment, no more information has been published, but the reason would be to offer a portrait mode without having to resort to software such as Google Pixel and iPhone X.

Another rumor related to the Galaxy S10, suggest that Samsung could implement the fingerprint sensor under the screen, an idea that in theory, was ruled out last year due to the lack of security it offered.

(Source: The Bell [Korean])

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