Researchers on the firm Canaccord Genuity argue that the U.S. has a brand new chief in gross sales of smartphones. For the primary time in its existence iPhone 4S lost the status of the best-selling phone. Its place was taken by the Samsung Galaxy S III, so that a tough fight between the two manufacturers is not only in courts around the world. However, many believe that the leadership of S III will not last long.

The study was conducted by interviewing representatives of retail chains. Decline in demand for iPhone 4S hardly indicating a fall of interest in "apple" gadget, especially in the U.S.. According to observers, the purchasing activity decreased because of the expectations the announcement and release of the new model of iPhone. Slide the device on 12 September, which is scheduled to hold a press confer
ence Apple.

While sales of Galaxy S III continue to show a positive trend, sales of competing smartphones, such companies Nokia, HTC and Research in Motion are down. However, with regard to the Finnish company, it surely counts for positive change, as outlined in the announcement today of its new smartphone operating system Windows Phone 8.(via Bloomberg)


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